E-Commerce laws

  There are a number of Ecommerce laws and guidelines to follow when
operating in the ecommerce world. It is definitely a jungle out there on
the Internet where companies either eat or get eaten. Knowing these
ecommerce laws can ensure that you will have a chance to succeed with
online selling and will make you aware of the animals on the internet.
These laws, although not new, are very relevant and knowing them will go
along way toward helping you shopping cart company survive and be
profitable. One thing to remember is all laws get broken and it is very
hard for everyone to follow them verbatim. You also have to keep in mind
that laws change frequently and your organization must be flexible
enough to adjust to those changes. Laws are not black and white on the
Internet, so be aware of gray areas. Follow these rules and ecommerce
laws to succeed on the internet.

Gordon Moore predicted that every 18 months chip processing power would
double while the costs to purchase would stay the same. In general this
simple law has held to be true. This has a significant impact on the
Internet and ecommerce online stores. It keeps the cost of computers
constant, which over time implies that the real cost, given inflation,
is actually falling. This makes computers accessible to almost
everybody, allowing for a more technology based buying market. If there
was no need for greater speed in computers, technology would stand still
and customer would not be able to purchase online at the rate they are
doing now. Ecommerce has been created by the buying and selling power of
e-business virtual corporations and online and must utilize the
available speed of technology.

Next, it is important to understand the value of a network when
referring to ecommerce. Often, the value of something is measured by its
utility. Utility roughly estimated how useful something is. The utility
of a network formula is used to show the concept that as each new user
is added to the network, this worth of the network increases at a faster
rate then the number of users. This holds true in shopping cart system
solutions. As the number of users and visitors double, the utility of
your store increases dramatically. It is important to keep up with
demand and the rush of new Internet surfers. Implement good practices
for online supply chain management. The value of your company will grow
significantly with every additional of new customers.

One last rule to remember for ecommerce laws is the 20-80 rule. 20
percent of the population actually tries a variation of products online
during its introduction and the remaining 80 percent follow behind after
a true product is created. Do substantial e-business research, it is
important to take risks in ecommerce and online shopping. Try new
products; do not just follow other companies.